I once read about a man called Joseph, he had a dream at a tender age that the sun, moon and eleven stars bowed to him, he faced ridicule, rejection and betrayal, but soon enough, time ran its course and his dream became a reality. Thousands of years later, another man, Martin, had a dream also unconventional, he dreamt of social equality, freedom of association, and mutual respect at a time when racial segregation was the order of the day. Two men, at two different times and places changed the course of history by the power of their dreams.

You see; Dreams are vehicles that drive you to your destiny, whether it's the state of your desire, the force of your vision or the power of your imagination. your dream is not merely an idle mental image conjured in your sleep, No, it is the voice of your heart, the conscience of your ambition and the restlessness of your soul, it is a door to creation for which only you can unlock.

Everyone should have a dream; a man without a dream is as good as dead. For me, the dream world is a realm of possibilities where ideas are construed into tangible concepts. A man is as tall as his desires, and the height he will attain is dependent on the depth of his dream. To think that Microsoft was once a vague idea, and face book, a college kid's fantasy. Believe me, Dreams come true. This is not motivational gibberish; it is important that everyone nurtures a dream life. Your dream is your first point of expression because a King will first reign in his mind before he reigns in the palace…what you don't think, you will not become.

Sometimes you need to forget reality and let your mind explore, there is nothing logical about metal floating around in space yet two brothers who dared to dream made it possible and purchased for us the convenience of air travel. The world is fraught with solutions that are hidden in the realm of imagination. If you want to take your place in the world of achievers then you must adhere to do the following:

DREAM A DREAM: Let a vision be stirred up in your spirit, an impossible one, because if it is convenient then it's not Greatness. Complacency can never take you to the promise land, get out of your comfort zone and rise above mediocre thinking, resist the allure of societal stereotypes. There is a difference that you must affect if your footprints will be left in the sand of time.

SPEAK YOUR DREAM: Nothing activates the power of an idea than its vocal expression. To give words to your dream is the first point of introduction to the realm of reality, be bold to share that seeming ludicrous idea, get excited with its possibility, be driven by it. Optimism may not land you on the mountain top but it will definitely start you climbing.

WORK YOUR DREAM: it starts with a dream and ends as reality, in between is a lot of HARD-WORK. Diligence is a quality that must not be compromised in your quest for achievement, same goes for strategy and experience, you need to know the necessary steps to take to make your dream manifest and if you are willing to pay the price… Sacrifice will always precede Success.

PROTECT YOUR DREAM: A bad attitude is the greatest platform on which dreams are compromised and the poorest of men are not those without money but those lacking in depth of Character. You must learn to protect your dream by investing in proper values that nurture and sustain relevance.

INSPIRE A DREAM: Last but not least, every great achiever must have the capacity to inspire others to greatness. It's not enough to be the light in the darkness; you must show others how to light their inner candles. Whether or not you are aware of it, you are constantly influencing someone by your works or omissions, be a role model, a ready example, a beacon of hope, a source of motivation, a pillar that the society can look up to, look beyond yourself and give back to the world.

Tochi Eze

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