Chances are your passion is already in your life waiting for you to discover it.

I met a woman recently who wants to write a book her whole life. Her passion in life is to write. The only problem is she is yet to realize she NEEDS to write a book. Her life will be unfulfilled until she does so.

If she understood that, she would start writing that book immediately. Even if she only had the time to write a sentence a day that is the start of the journey of achieving her passion.

The fact is she is still in the same position as she was 5 years ago. Had she started only writing one sentence a day then, today she would have written 1,825 sentences now instead of just having the dream that one day she would like to write a book.

Discover your passion.

Transform your passion from WANTS into NEEDS.

What have you desired to do that you've been carrying around with you for the last two to five years? Chances are THAT you are passionate about that thing.

Embrace that passion, fall in love with it, eat it, sleep in it, dream of it and let it take you away! Your life will become more perfect because of it.

Passions enrich Relationships.

My passion literally changed my life in a matter of days. I enjoyed waking up every morning because I knew that I could pursue my passion anew! Having this attitude will help you appreciate your life and loved ones more.

Passion inspires others.

Have you tried to improve areas of your life with no success? Would you like a more healthy life that is enriched with great relationships? Find your passion, and automatically all those negative habits in your life will correct themselves if they are in the way of your passion!

Passion is like Bathing; it is not permanent.

Life is amazingly strange. You can find your passion in life and still struggle. This is because, if you are not careful, your passion can slip away from you.

Once you discover your passion and cultivate it, you must do your best to never let it go.

Human beings are self-doubting creatures by nature. Tiger Woods must practice daily to eradicate that self-doubt. The same can be said about many high flyers in their passionate endeavors. So where does that leave the rest of us?

I have learned to surround myself with positive people who also live their life with passion. I read motivational books and listen to audio programs daily. And most importantly, when I am in doubt I ask my creator for guidance to get the answers I need.

Often times my creator will show me the answers I need. When you are living a life harmonious with your passion, you are more aware of your connection with your Creator and nature. That fact alone will enrich your life greater than anything else in the world.

Discover your passion today; it is a pathway to fulfillment.

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