P – Pre-determine your course of action
L – Lay out your goals
A – Adjust your priorities
N – Notify key personnel

A – Allow time for acceptance
H – Head into action
E – Expect problems
A – Always point to your success
D – Daily review your progress

Following these steps does not guarantee that to PLAN AHEAD is simple. No, it’s not as simple as it is reading this article. I have being applying these steps since 2012 when I got to know about them and they have kept me planning with some difficulty.

There is some difficulty because these steps comprise a continuous process [planning is a continuous process] whereas, most individuals want to apply these steps [plan] once and forget about it. This approach is risky and can end up in confusion that may result to starting all over.

Pay the price to PLAN AHEAD. Take the pain to plan continuously; you stand to move faster and wider with your goals and with far less hitches. For example, a flying aircraft continuously adjust her bearing all through the flight to the destination port whether by the pilot or auto-pilot. This is the requirement for arrival. The same applies to us all; you have to continuously plan ahead to avert challenges and overcome others in due time.

It is 2014, start the year with planning [if you are yet to do so] and set objective and realistic goals in as many areas as you can [career, healthy living, finance, social life, creativity, holiday, family, etc.]. Take time off and dream about your life this year and beyond. Plan ahead.

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