No one travels a long distance without a luggage; definitely you are expected to pack for your journey depending on your route, distance and destination. Of course, the content of our cases are different and this is a factor of what you consider important for your journey and what you think is not necessary. Every milestone is arrived at with a lot of determination and effort. It’s not an easy journey for anyone.

However, this interesting and necessary journey could perhaps be made easier if you choose to travel light. A man travelling with a back-pack or a knapsack will find the journey relatively easier than a man with several suit cases. Travelling light makes the journey relatively easier less stressful and at times faster.

Many today on their career journeys carry so much baggage and luggage hence; they are weighed down and burdened to a point of fatigue and stagnation. The briefcase becomes too heavy for them to carry alone then they begin to look at other travellers for help, favours and assists.

When they don’t get these support, they become upset, grumpy and critical of others on this journey. To be more precise, we are talking about emotional and psychological weights that make you less productive and mentally lump. Issues that weigh you down, stress you to pieces and snuff out the zeal and passion in you. Mental weights, mental pressures and psychological turmoil that paralyze your creativity, initiative and capacity.

Let us share some of these bricks in your briefcase

BRICK ONE: The Opinion of people you love and respect
Naturally, we all want to be loved and accepted. We hate loneliness and love to share our lives with people. This conditioning has become a weakness for many to the point where they’re willing to give up on their personal happiness, fulfillment and passion to retain the approval and companionship of those they love.

They have become slaves to the opinion of others and are desperately holding on to friendships, approvals and favors from so called friends, family and loved ones who, knowing these weakness starts to manipulate and control their victims.

Having people around you to support, share and keep you company is good but it’s not worth it if you've lost your original self and all support is for but your shadow. You prioritize the opinion and interest of these people over your progress, passion and career pursuit.

This is a bad brick in your briefcase, you don’t need the weight; drop it off.

BRICK TWO: Self pity
You always feel sorry for yourself, you see yourself as a victim every time. You have a victim and self-centered mentality such that you believe everything and everyone is against you. But you don’t want to dare anything, risk anything or take responsibility for anything.

Working extra hours is not fair; working on weekends is not fair. It doesn't bother you if the job is done or not. It’s more about you, your interest and convenience; not the achievement of set goals and objectives of the business.

It’s raining in the morning, you’re sad, there’s traffic, you’re upset, your work is amended or corrected by your boss, you’re upset, you get an honest feed-back during an appraisal, you’re sad and upset. Everything is about how you feel, how you've been treated, how you've been cheated and maltreated. The business is not fair, your boss is unfair, the country is unfair even God is unfair to you. Come on, get up and drop that brick.

Take responsibility and take charge of your life and career. You are too smart and intelligent for this kind of stinking thinking, stop pitying yourself, put the interest of others first and you will see how happy and fulfilled you’ll become.

BRICKs THREE and FOUR (Click to read)
BRICKs FIVE and SIX (Click to read)

Travelling light makes your journey easier, pleasant and full of positive adventures. You’ll be a happy traveler  no hard feelings, no grudges and hurting. You’ll take challenges in your stride and be stronger with every passing mile. Travel light. Get rid of all the bricks, know your destination, focus on your journey, shun distractions and progress with energy, vitality, pace and bounce.

You will get there.


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