After you create the idea you have to figure out a way to move the idea from concept to reality. You need a TEAM to help you develop your ideas. Don't try to do everything by yourself - your team may be able to contribute time, money, resources and support as you get your idea off the ground.

You must develop a PLAN that outlines how you are approaching the development and deployment of your idea. The old adage goes if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. Get started by building a foundation under the big dream that you are building.

IDENTIFY your skill and information deficits. What knowledge do you need to launch your idea? Can you learn it or do you need to pay someone to provide that knowledge for you? Identify the specific skills and knowledge that you need to develop and create your idea and go get it.

What is it going to cost if you do not follow-up on your idea? What opportunities will you miss? What mission will you not fulfill? What is your idea WORTH? Find a strong reason to persist in creating your idea no matter what the obstacles or circumstances.

I know that people will give one thousand reasons why you cannot pursue your dreams; I challenge you to find one reason why you can pursue your dreams. According to one of my favorite quotes “Don’t listen to people who tell you what to do, listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right”.

You are UNIQUE and one of a kind - there is no one on this earth that has the unique abilities and insights that you possess. You were placed here for a particular reason. Do not allow that reason to go to the grave with you. The idea, the plan, the purpose and the dream are not meant just for you but for all of mankind.

Ross Perot says that "It just takes one idea to live like a king for the rest of your life." I submit that one idea can not only change your life, but one idea can change the lives of millions of people, even for generations after you are long gone.

Imagine if Mahatma Gandhi of India allowed his idea of non-violent social change to die with him, millions of people in India may have continued to be repressed by the then British Empire. In America, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have never studied Gandhi's principles of non-violent social change which means that Black Americans may not enjoy the freedoms that they enjoy today.

Follow the example of these great men - express your idea, live your idea, create your idea and share your idea with the world and most importantly – don’t die with your idea inside of you; it might be worth billions of dollars.

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