There are four physical drives known to man: sex, hunger, thirst and sleep. These drives controls man’s entire existence and mostly manifest in two state or dimensions: a primary state and a secondary state. (Note: man here refers to the human race)

In the primary state, sex is sex, hunger is hunger, thirst is thirst and sleep is sleep. You and I know these, right? However, this primary state must be disciplined and regulated. Without which, these drives will resort to dangerous extremities. Hence, the man who loves sex will suffer from addiction and agitation; the man who gorges on food will come to obesity; the man who loves drinking will become alcoholic; and the man who loves sleep will end up broke, or in penury. Is this not true?

On the other hand, in the secondary state, sex stands for passion, pleasure and excitement. Hunger is ambition and drive. Thirst is refreshment and newness while sleep is peace. Bringing these into any marriage or relationship, in addition to the regulated primary drives, will yield success. Give it a try or share with a friend, I bet you.

So, how do I apply these to my business? Yes, two ways. First, apply it from the marriage and relationship perspective, that way you will enjoy peace in your family and relationship fronts. Hence, you will be highly productive in your business (career) with good memory and acute focus and you will be full of ability to finish whatever you start (idea, project, partnership, etc.). Secondly, apply it all to your business.

Add passion, pleasure and excitement (sex) and your potentials will come out in full. Add ambition and drive (hunger) and you will experience a forceful power that will surmount business challenges and markets. Add refreshment and newness (thirst) and you will experience creativity and innovation that will push your business beyond your competitors. And when you add peace (sleep), you will experience tremendous business growth.

So, what do you think about Sex and Business? Go out there and start practising. Also, share with your friends; it just might save a business or relationship in crisis.

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