Dreaming big can be a challenge in this age of ever increasing information and technology. Although, it cannot be said for everyone but, a large part of the world’s population are in blackout from dreaming, and taking steps that will make dreams come
true. Or, don’t you agree with me?

For many who do not believe dreams come true, you need to believe in yourself. You need to stay in your thoughts and think deeper if you’d have dreams and not mere wishes. You need to know what you need and what you want and know the difference. As we go through this year, take time out to dream about the year and write out possible action plans.

What is your pending dream in recent years? What are you waiting for to start it? See, the dream you never started will not have hope nor see the light of day. But with starting, your dream has a good chance to come true. Dreams do not happen just like that; they will mostly make you go through rigorous and complex processes. Even technology and innovations, don’t happen at the snap of fingers; they involve continuous research, repeated tests, recordings, analysis and counter-analysis.  So, what is your excuse? What have being your limitations

I want to remind you that nothing is impossible. You can have, do or be anything you can imagine – thoughts become things. Combine hard work, passion and commitment to anything you do, you will see results like never before. Begin to be the change you want and start to dream bigger. You can do it; you can create your own opportunities.

Remember that success has no limits. We only create mental barriers with our limiting mindsets thus; making us not to achieve as much as we have capacity to achieve. Nothing is too far and out of your reach – it is just a function of your mindset. So, train your mindset to dream bigger. According to Tony Robbins, "The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment."

In your life, if you will achieve greatness, then you must dream bigger. Many years ago when I started dreaming about being celebrated, awards and fame, I asked one of my mentors for advice and this is what he told me: “To attain fame and celebrity status and win awards and paparazzi, you must do things you haven’t done before, create or innovate things that has never been done, smash old records and create new ones and then, dream bigger than you have always dreamt.” This is so true.

I have listened to many people say that most people don’t dream big enough. Yes, because they limit themselves with their mindsets and they don’t know any better. I believe people dream based on the quality and quantity of information in and around them. You cannot be smarter than the information inside you rarely do you become more creative than the information around you. So, begin to hunt for quality information from now, if you must dream bigger and dare the impossible.

You can stretch your mind. Read books and literature, access audio and visual media, follow resource people up, seek mentors for guide, ask questions and do more than what you normally do. Learn something new and go to places you haven’t been to. Join social groups and professional bodies that will sharpen your mind. Take time to think and meditate on situations, ideas and solutions. Think outside the box.

In all, as you look into the year, dream bigger and plan ahead. Take bold steps, be passionate and committed to whatever you do. Know and overcome your limitations and the setbacks to achieving goals. And focus continually until you achieve great heights.

I am living most of the things I post on this blog and I urge you to do likewise as much as you can. Have the mindset to do more in everything you do and manage change where necessary. Start something now, think creativity, skip procrastination, take massive action and don’t let anyone tell you different. You can become the person you want to become; just believe in yourself, dream bigger and dare higher.

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