A pattern that yields

There is no one on earth without a dream. I believe that no matter who you are in the world today, there must be something that you want to achieve with your life.  
Maybe you desire money and wealth, good health, love, stardom and fame, leadership, legendary status, and so on, no matter what it is, we all have one desire or another; whether it will make us or mar us.

Interestingly, studies and proofs have shown that achieving great dreams, visions and success come in diverse ways but in similar fashion or style: same principle. Meaning? There are set of simple steps that guarantee success. They are so simple yet; so many people are missing them. The ones who have clues about these steps don’t even care to practice them. Little wonder why 80-20 Rule exists and, why wealth distribution is heading towards 90-10.

But, why do people fail? Is it because they don’t know these simple steps? Why do businesses fail? Why do great visions crash? Is it because of the Two Choices I wrote about last year? Or maybe it is because of setbacks; or they lack good opportunities; or, is it that they obviously don’t know these principles? Why do people fail in this era of over-information? I am still wondering.

However, here is the proven principle, my indispensable steps, to achieve guaranteed success. “Did you say guaranteed success?” one of my mentee recently asked me. Yes, guaranteed success. Although, it does not guarantee that there won’t be challenges and setbacks. Friend, it is a principle and not an insurance policy. You have to plan and work the rest out practicing the principle. Like my mentor always encouraged me when I started out in life “Nothing good comes easy, nothing. Expect the storms.”
  1. Believe in yourself.
Believe that you can achieve your desire. Your status and position in life is not a reason you should be down. Believe in yourself and overcome every self-doubt. Ovecome your limitations. Dare to dream big. Always remember, an elephant can only be eaten bit by bit. Dream big but start small. All history makers followed this step. It is only your belief that can drive you into massive action.

  1. Clarify your goals.
Once you convince yourself that you can achieve your desire, you must write it down. When you do, your focus will be sharpened; you will have direction, affirmation and even necessary reminders. [Read “Why I Write things down”]. Writing your goals presents you with a map to follow; it broadens your mind and potentials and guarantees steady growth and development. Work on it and you will see the difference. There is so much power in clarity.

  1. Develop strategies how to achieve your goals.
Once you have done steps one and two above, your mind will automatically come up with strategies on how you can achieve the goal. Our minds are amazing but, many people don’t know. Process your mind and get all the necessary strategies you will need. Seek help from mentors and experienced individuals where necessary and document [write down] these strategies as well. Note: don’t worry if your strategies seem awkward at first, you will correct them all as you begin to take action.

  1. Take massive and consistent action.
Without action, nothing happens. It is useless to have big dreams without any real action. Once you begin to take steps, you will begin to learn and receive feedbacks from necessary actions. Don’t expect to achieve new things in your first trial but, always be expectant that you will succeed. Success is in your thoughts hence; always think positive and do more. You will get your desired results but it may take some time: keep at it until you make it happen. Remember, the bicycle moves when you pedal but, stays up when you continually pedal: that is consistency.

These are the indispensable steps for success I use. They are the same for everybody depending on situations, conditions and positions. Take your time and begin to practice them, if you don’t know about them before. Success is a deliberate set of actions and reactions. I am a proof of these indispensable steps. Begin to use them strictly and inspire others to embrace them. Success is very simple: but you must apply and abide to her rules. Start now and start small.

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